Dear Jamie: #2 – It’s the basil

Dear Jamie,.

I figured you would take issue with my overly macabre descriptions and excessive pessimism. Maybe you’re right. The guttural tone of my last letter doesn’t lend itself to persuading you of the seriousness of the problems we face. But, I should add, it would be equally unacceptable to confront these horrors with that calm and repressive style one might find in the pages of the New York Review of Books.

I will address your criticism of my pessimism in a future letter because I feel that it requires a much more thorough response than what I can provide in this one. I am heading to work now, to face the public, to spend hours gently asking people to put on their masks, only for them to get angry at me despite the state seeing a 65% increase of COVID-19 cases over the past week.



P.S. Yes, the sandwich was very good. The secret ingredient was fresh basil.